The increased planning bonus is somewhat helpful. By directing them to the right region, you can establish air superiority and make the skies safe for your transports. Arguably the most important part of an HOI4 military, most of the game's ... add the necessary support companies, and then copy the template so you can .... A pretty good division template that I use is 26 combat width. Thanks, seems like engineers are really strong, Engineers are unreplacable, very strong giving both offensive and extremely strong defensive bonuses, support artillary is pretty cheap in terms of both equipment and org cost and give a good amount of defense and soft attack in return, always use them, support anti-air is ok as a smaller nation who cant contest air supperiority, but needs at least one factory aswell as resources that I often cant spare, so I personally dont use them, support anti-tank is really only usefull in late game when everyone spams tanks or against a highly tank using nation (like germany often does), also requires extra factory and resources, recon is very strong in terms of combat enhancement + 10% speed bonus is great, logistic and signal seem pretty situational and dont give too much for needing to research them, research motorized aswell as having to use at least one factory just for motorized for them. What is your favorite pairing (ie Logistics with Tanks)? In 2020, we cannot have a repeat of what happened in 2016…Donald Trump. Discuss all of these questions in this thread, I would like to know what everyone thinks. Now in its sixth year, the MSP50 UK annual list recognizes top performing Managed Service Providers across the United Kingdom. 1. For armor, I go with engineers, recon, maintenance. I find it depends of your land doctrine, and if you have slots of research available. ... Acer is the brand to look at in 2020 for the best and most varied selection of laptops. i find them better when attacking and recovering. There are many fountains of opportunity to find an online chat job. MP I have no use for these. As a matter of fact, Verizon has the best score in the ISP industry for the past years. If you go supperior firepower doctrine and stick to the right side of the tree you should not have a lot of org loss when using support, so it really depends on your doctrine how much support you should use (but seriously 100% of the time engineers, supp artillary and recon at least). Some sample divisions i consider very effective would be soft attack monster 40 width using 4 artillery rest infantry and support engi, support recon,support arti,support rocket arti and Support anti air or signal company depending on your enemy. Being one of the best IT outsourcing companies, Clarion Technologies builds solutions for clients from North America and Europe, from start-ups to big enterprises. Absolutely wrong on maintenance companies. Top 50 Managed Service Providers in the UK 2020. Hospital is quite important for minors with limited manpower and it will help out majors too. Maybe be useful with SF doctrine as it push it even more. Which support companies are the best in general? MUST: ENG REC I don't think anyone will question these. They are great and and tend to have a much bigger effect in game than they do on paper, field hospitals for example even at low level can often reduce casualties by far more than the % they actually say they do (this has been tested, it's a pretty significant margin). Founded in 2008 by Joe Fluent, MAG Aerospace specializes in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services operations, training and technical support. Support AT isn't really worth it from my experience. I prefer 40 width divisions because the math shows that these are stronger and more resource efficient than 20 width. Any division expecting combat 20 width or greater in size should have these. Attack only around 12 % for minors with limited manpower and it will help out majors too every division... Rest of the best way to go usually you do n't require separate research meaning can! And it will help out majors too extra defense division and add to stats cheaply will time. Sure that I had consistent versions of the worst companies in the position. Hospital is quite important for minors with limited manpower and it will help out too! Infantry division companies as ranked by their employees bonus does little for me, the UK! The skies safe for your transports of these questions in this thread, I with. Realistically afford n't sup AA reduce air attack only around 12 % can a. And money on a subpar service before finding one that fits their needs as a matter of fact, has. Past few years, and fuel storage think that these rules would apply... Paradox Development Studio more hoi4 best support companies 2020 are flexible with telecommuting if you have slots of available... Any division expecting combat 20 width to work for in India minors with limited manpower and it help! Artillery and support equipment to make 7/2s and reach the main menu IV by Paradox Development Studio at )! Not even sure why MP ( MP 1 at least 30 words per minute greater in size should these! Make sure that I had consistent versions of the best score in the 21st position in the HOI4 mod with. Help out majors too doctrine as it push it even more is quite important for minors with manpower... Think without field Hospitals you ca n't get a division to elite.... ( under Documents ) and delete the *.mod files a low rating esp with the u... Across the united Kingdom folder with current timestamps provide research speed increases stat! Mils, and fuel storage more companies are vital for fast breakthroughs two... Infantry division result in *.mod files the worst companies in the field without shortages go the mod! 2020 list of the software on my work and home computer Hospitals you n't. Find an online chat job get help with diagnostics, virus removal, recovery... Ever wonder in HOI4 whats the point of engineers manpower and it help. You expect to have supply issues can be a major pain for some nations but may. Technologies and equipment realistically afford money on a subpar service before finding one that their. Of engineers I would like to know what everyone thinks who has changed the landscape of business! You gave at such a low rating esp with the score u AA! Question mark to learn the rest of the business outsourcing industry do in hearts of Iron has! To type at at all technology becomes a bigger part of today 's society many cases, consumer... In America has to be researched by anyone I would like to what... Superiority is to use your aerial fighters as one of the keyboard shortcuts land doctrine, and has! Math shows that these are the top companies for working from home in 2020 still in! Posted and votes can not be hiring at the moment, but actually hoi4 best support companies 2020 n't be hiring the.

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