Our standard includes extensive knowledge of boat systems, maintenance procedures, general boating etiquette, and emergency procedures. And then I still need practice in rough weather sailing. Definde mandatory carriage requirments on boats such as life rafts, emergency response & safety equipment. An RYA Yachtmaster certification should cover you to operate vessels in the European Union. While the USCG provides sailing license, the USSA and the ASA provide sailing certification programs. You can always consider your Yachtmaster certification (“106” in ASA-talk). Here it is in their words: I asked 10 US boat insurance companies the following: Every insurance company I contacted said they do not offer discounts for ASA certified sailors. I would be happy to discuss any of this or answer any questions you may have. What Other Qualifications Can You Do? ASA certified sailing instructors have shown they measure up to a national standard which is used by more than 90% of the commercial sailing schools in the country. Following curriculm estalished by a recognized national authorothy will make this an easier process for schools to qualify under the new rules. My husband (a more experienced sailor than I) and Ii have been having a debate similar to this about classroom courses vs. reading/learning some things yourself. I learned from a personalized curriculum that was taught by my now co-cap, Bill. And here document on ICC by the UN: http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/doc/2011/sc3wp3/ECE-TRANS-SC3-147-Rev1e.pdf. This is my second season on an H28 and we’ve done some charters, so I don’t think passing is the issue, but I’m questioning the need, money, etc. Just a good sailing resume. I just started sailing this spring – I’ve crewed a friend’s 63 footer multiple times on daysails, and I now have a 13′ Chrysler Pirateer which I daysail almost every weekend (it’s addicting!). Are you still offering sailing experiences and where are you located? The wide world of catamaran sailing is waiting for you, and with the ASA cat certification, you’ll be cruising with confidence and in style! I thought so. The national license you'll need is called: Hochseeausweis (Swiss Certificate of Competence for Ocean Yachting) It's issued by the Cruising Club der Schweiz (CCS) in Bern. In this guide, we’ll look at whether you need a licence to sail a boat in the USA. Established in 1983, the ASA is the youngest of the best places to get a sailing certification. Thank you and I thank all those who left their response to your article as well, for what they wrote helped me too, of course. SAILING Offshore training Class ASA certification available Offshore Passage making Advanced Costal training. I am writing this to say I love your approach as I found that all the packaged courses I took ( including the RYA I also tried last year) have limitations and if I had to do it again I would gladly turn to you and Ben. A ver, Who’s afraid of getting on the VHF radio and bro, the #helmwatches Vanuatu has been my daily wa, Rocinante’s winter @sunpoweredyachts solar panel, We are all legally bound to the COLREGS, but very, An early drawing from Teresa’s sketchbook. There is a value to ASA and US Sailing standardization. No. As you say it is essential to find out where a student is in their learning and personalize the educational experience. The certificate says metaphorically…”I know at least this much”. The American Sailing Association (ASA) is one of the most prominent sailing associations in the United States as well as the Americas in general. It was a crazy trip! Or call Captain g. at 305.896.5555 for more information. UPDATE!! Thanks for doing the leg work, looks like I’m going to add a few more things to track on my sailing resume and I’ll be set! There is much more variation within the ASA or US Sailing schools than there is across those two groups. You can get the International Proficiency Certificate today by completing ASA's online IPC Application directly through their website. To gain the RYA Day Skipper Certificate, you need to do a theory course online and pass a practical 5-day sailing training adventure at an RYA school. I began teaching sailing professionally at age 18, and Ben at 20. American sailing association certification Learn to Sail You wanted to learn how to sail your whole life. Here it is in their words: Admittedly,  I didn’t know what the specific, post course benefits were of taking a certification course. I have either taken a certification course, become a certified instructor, and worked for several of these certifying programs—all of which I did before the age of 19. This last experience showed me I needed to complete my education on boat systems so this year will be about engine courses, electricity on board, electronics, etc. It lists the boats you’ve sailed on, what position you were, how many days, the waters, how far offshore, and number of hours per day. Certification: Upon successful completion you will receive the ASA Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (ASA 101). This highly esteemed achievement will show the world you have earned the right to … The standards are intended to be a minimum set of requirements. However, its still good info to consider! Hi, I have followed your blog for some time now, truly love it and what you both do, inspiring. No prior sailing experience necessary. No harm done, but WOW the fact that it is practically meaningless is shocking. Real experience will teach you lasting sailing skills. As you have stated more or less, no paper test can amount to EXPERIENCE. Do I Need a License to Sail a Boat? Personally I learned how to sail many years ago at Annapolis sailing school, an established and recognized sailing school, at least locally and at the time, but not affiliated with any of the programs you mention. Taking the helm of our 44-foot cruising catamaran, my then eight-year old son asked me, “Wait mama! An adult must accompany all minors at all times, but we do allow children 5 years and older to participate on captained cruises. I am hoping to join Teresa and Ben for the August 9th course if I can work out the finances. In addition, ASA provides standards for a number of endorsements, which are intended to supplement the main certification series. May I bring my boat? To rent with a charter company you're going to need Asa certification or equivalent. Some European Countries moving towards that with the ICC. Also, will you and Ben be at this year’s wooden boat show in Mystic? Many of our students have gone on to skipper our Club Sails, charter internationally, buy their own boats, circumnavigate the globe, earn their Captain’s license, and even became instructors themselves. First, pass the theory course for RYA Day Skipper which you can do online through NauticEd. thoughts? ASA, US/Sailing, and NauticED sailing certifications are not a hard-and-fast, across-the-board requirement to charter. Only then can you realize what you’re made of, and pull from previous experience? I was going to take the basic keel boat 101 class, sounded good, but somehow deep within me I wanted instead to find someone whom I could learn from while being out, sailing for a good # of days. ASA Sailing Instructor clinics test existing skills and knowledge while teaching a structured curriculum and proven presentation techniques. Our Morse Alpha Sail-Training Expeditions Just Got Even Better! Review it any time you feel a need at no extra charge. Let me know what interests you. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. **Please note that we no longer will allow students to take their written exams without reserving a testing timeframe first, please call our office at 831-423-7245 to discuss options if you are not able to sign up for one of our two timeframes offered daily during our business hours. You'll be proud of yourself after receiving a certification from an ASA course and it will provide the confidence to pursue your dream of a sailing … Love you guys; I’m always checking for new videos and eagerly waiting to watch “one simple question”. However, in the US, in most states that isn’t in effect. I agree many schools may fly under the radar and even though they are running a program under ASA, CYA or other do not offer quality training. See our update here.) I want to say yet again how amazing you both are as sailors and sailing instructors! Copyright 2008-2016, All Rights Reserved, Teresa Carey & Ben Eriksen Carey. I’ve been wondering this very thing for a few weeks now. We also offer private charters with a captain and cook. Also, a certification is not required, but it is a good idea. There is absolutely no substitute for sailing time with experienced sailors. A Boater’s Guide to the Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats. There is also a discount if you come with a partner or spouse! Every time I read a post on this blog I say to myself “Ben and Teresa are so awesome” … but I figured I’d finally write it… You guys are so awesome. If you are a buying a sailboat, you are not required to have certifications to sail your own ship. See our update here. (We are now offering a letter of sea service and sail-training certificate. I have a BCC but have never had enough hands on to feel comfortable. Contact your local chapter and talk to them about obtaining the manuals 101, 103, and 105/7 or you can find the American Sailing Association sailing Made Easy, the American Sailing Association bareboat cruising Made Easy, and the American Sailing Association Coastal cruising made easy. Over the ten-day course, that’s exactly what happened. I took a Power Squadron course in Piloting this winter. Don’t I need a driver’s license or something to drive the boat?” “No, you can drive it. Learn to sail in the Caribbean and earn your ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certificate. It seems like ASA, USS “sailing schools” are in a bit of a similar position? The American Sailing Association provides standards for progressive sailing certification programs, including: Keelboat Sailing, Small Boat Sailing, and Multihull Sailing. The Bareboat Skipper (aka Day Skipper) allows a person to sail during the … Ok, I quit. So much so that I have signed up for your September coastal / offshore expedition. I see that your email is legit! Or call Captain g. at 305.896.5555 for more information. We have had several potential students say they wanted a ‘sailing certification course’ in order to make them eligible for discounts on bareboat charters and/or boat insurance. Having no experience, I thought it would better if I got a certification to at least show some type of “formal sailing education.” After reading your article it seems like actual hours in the water are what really matter and I’m going to direct my search towards finding some type of “on the water training” besides the two day certification courses. The legal frame work: I was 16 when I earned my first certification. I was considering getting a certification because someone told me I won’t be able to charter boats without one. But by going to Applebees, I just might miss out on a fabulous meal prepared by a brilliant chef at the local treasure. Thank you! The books are out of date and don’t contain all the needed information for the tests. “There are no discounts for ASA or US Sailing.”, “Certification not necessary. With an asymmetry in sailing experience between partners (Fred having more than I), with lake sailing experience but not coastal and offshore, and with it being very important to me that I be fully capable on the boat in my own right, the hands-on training we received with lessons tailored to our gaps versus what we already knew was exactly what we needed. Meaning they can’t take more than 6 paying passengers and the vessel is not required to undergo inspection. ASA 118 Docking Endorsement $ Now you can sail… and every time you go sailing you need to leave a dock and soon or later you have to go back. Plz contact me about near future classes. ASA affiliate sailing schools and instructors may choose to include additional requirements if they wish to emphasize knowledge or skills appropriate to local waters, conditions or practice vessels. This poses a huge burdon for individiual schools to comply with. You can undertake Yachtmaster certification/ASA 106 as well as Bareboat Skipper to allow you to sail in moderate conditions during the day. We give you the knowledge and experience to be confident and safe on all your sailing adventures – whether you charter a boat from a local harbor, go on an exotic sailing vacation, or even buy your own boat. Dad has other plans this year; but at least those plans include the purchase of a Tayana 37 . The Basic Liveaboard Sailing School course includes: Basic Keelboat (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), and Bareboat Cruising Certification (ASA 104). Like I said, “The great thing about organizations like ASA and USS is that there are standards of quality and curriculum on which students can rely. We offer both private and group ASA classes and our bottom line is ‘sailing is fun’ and we believe your ASA sailing certification … send an email Call: +1 800 680 7902. Thanks for asking. I would say its just as important (if not more so) for casual boaters and beginners to take a state boater safety course (Florida has an excellent one) as a low-budget certification that will pay off for years especially considering that most people with only casual sea time or no hazardous duty (military, etc.) (We are now offering a letter of sea service and sail-training certificate. As a retired teacher-librarian I recognize in you the qualities of an excellent teacher. View the ASA COVID-19 Sailing Recommendations >>, ASA Official International Certification Logbook. However, programs like that are like the Applebees of sail training. No ASA discount. Please contact me. ASA Certification – Why Take the Exams? Instead, they sent me their course schedule and a standardized reply. The steps and cost are: Experience levels can always be improved! ... and US Sailing Association both provide sailing certification programs. I never delete comments, unless they come from a fake email or use excessive vulgar language. Teresa & Ben, I believe there is nothing quite like hands on experience, for me it is always the best teacher. You just need to pack a few clothes – a swimsuit, your sandals and a desire to learn and sail in this tropical environment. What a certificate does is set a _baseline standard_ of competency. The food is decent and consistently taste the same at any Applebees anywhere. Also, a certification is not required, but it is a good idea. Prerequisites: None. A: A sailing resume is just like a job resume! This is revealing. Thanks for this post. The certs allow me to demonstrate I have a standard level of competency to those parents who would want that bit of added assurance. Rain. You will need an ASA bareboat certification (or equivalent) AND coastal navigation certification to charter from most places in North America (at least places I''ve looked at). I am looking forward to keep reading more on your blog about your sailing adventures! I have sailed a good bit since then and am much more concerned about preparedness when I go out than my resume. It will also detail the training drills you participated in. For charters in Greece now, you required to hold an ICC certificate. While every charter company has its own chartering guidelines, ASA certification shows you have received formal training and meet that standard. It has become a big thing in Canada with many people now wanting to take courses allowing them to charter in Croatia. To purchase this option, you will need to purchase 1 "Sailing Checkout" and 2 "ASA Certification Test(s)". ASA has had a fully functioning, nationwide keelboat program since 1983. Wo do offer training! These certificates from ASA, USSA, IYT, or whoever, are evidence of training (and experience too) and may convince someone to rent you their boat, or hire you as a sailing instructor, but if you get into service where you need that master's ticket, only the Coast Guard can issue it, not these other outfits. We’re so excited to be head, New Episode: Perspectives On Sail Training. UPDATE!! My experience in sail-training (as a student and instructor) has been almost entirely in the US. Hi, read your article about Certification classes. And remember, if going abroad, you may need an ICC in Europe, available from the RYA or an accredited RYA Training Centre like Jolly Parrot Sailing. Would you be taking the course with your father or coming alone? Thanks! Is there an end? You will need to write both the ASA 101 & the ASA 103 exams and go for a sail with us. ASA is a nationally recognized sailing certification and accreditation program.These organizations, which include sailing schools, charter companies, sailing instructors and sailors, set competency standards for both sailing knowledge and on-the-water skills for sailors and instructors from basic to offshore sailing levels. Think of it as a sort of "quality control". So give one of our schools a call, and when you’re anchored and relaxing on deck watching a tropical sunset, you’ll be glad you did. Looking forward to meeting you both and having a productive and fun week. He directed me to Crewbay and Findacrew.net to find some sailing opportunities. Listed below are the summaries of all ASA’s Certifications. Non-Certification Courses (Do not result in ASA certification) Intro to Sailing. If you are a US citizen and own a US boat, then you do not need any licence to sail around the world. I liked my instructor and learned a lot from her. You should always remember that the USCG is very different from the US Sailing Association and the American Sailing Association. A summary: http://www.rya.org.uk/infoadvice/boatingabroad/icc/pages/icc.aspx do not have a real safety mindset. It’s been my understanding that at least one of us should have an ABC boating safety course/card, so I was considering taking that test through the USPS as well, just to get the card. National Sailing organizations can and do help in producing some of this material for schools and offer guidance. I totally agree with you about the value of some of these courses. Back to top. My wife and I will be in the market for sailing instruction in the near future…we’ll be in touch. Q: If you don’t offer a certification, do your courses offer something to verify the experience and skills gained? After a long interruption I skippered a friend’s yacht for coastal cruising in Greece and Turkey, 3 months in 2012 and 2 months in 2013. Anyone trying to go from amateur to competent should consider time with you, learn from your experiences. We do! Only formal boat training I had was in 1981 when I was 11 to pass USCG safe boat class. Alongside certification the most important thing one can have on their sailing resume is experience skippering I then added some practice with friends who owned boats and took courses and exams in France and then Spain where I was located because simply these titles are mandatory. Just like various professional certifications, Sailing Certification usefulness is really what you want to get out of it. They did have me do a two hour shakedown sail with one of their skippers to go over anchoring a catamaran, tacking a catamaran, and to ensure that I generally knew what I was doing. RYA Yachtmaster Offshore If you are following the US/Sailing curriculum, then you need to pass Basic Keel … I want to retire on a cruising boat and will need to bring my wife up to par for it, that will be another challenge…. I have a perspective on this one that I hope you will find interesting. Sailing Off Shore training Class ASA 108 passage making for 2020 - 2021: Offshore training FROM Fort Myers FL TWO (2) ASA Certified instructors, USCG Master Captains aboard Crown Royal a Beneteau 510 (upcoming dates 989-635-2696) focusing on safety & skills actual life experiences We felt we could offer more to our students without the limitations of the standardized curriculum and so far our students agree. Your experience should be on a similar type and size boat as the one you wish to charter. There are several organizations that offer sailing certifications. Your boat does need to be federally documented with the US Coast Guard, however. If you choose to go with an independent organization, like ours, you draw more of a wild card. How great is that. Bareboat certification is designed for experienced sailors with some cruising experience (this is a requirement of ASA). This would mean a "Six-Pack" license or similar to take paying passengers aboard your vessel. A - If you are going to be chartering in the USVI, you need to be qualified to US Coastguard standards. You aren’t hitchiking my blog. Yes, you do. We may see you out there this season. Christof Marti. As a long time ASA instructor and instructor evaluator I am in general agreement with you. This certifcate can only be issued by a few certifcation bodies such as the RYA or IYT. Many of the practices that we learned on that trip, such as Captain of the Day and Morning Muster, are now our standard. Royal Yachting Association, Yacht Master Certificate of Competence . Built by Buddy Melges… I also have sailed J boats and Keels… I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your videos very much… Hope to see you around the Islands some day…. Cheers. Ouch…12 students on one boat. ASA Veteran's Program Offers 10% off Learn to Sail At ASA and Boston Sailing Center, we recognize the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served or are serving in our country’s armed forces. By the end of the ASA 101 Course, you will be able to skipper a sloop-rigged keelboat of approximately 20 to 27 feet in length. If you have not gone through RYA or IYT there are crossover programs from ASA for example making this a relatively easy process. If you choose to go with an independent organization, like ours, you draw more of a wild card. I’m curious. Hi Teresa. “Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts for certifications.”, “The discount for an ASA certification isn’t better than for having experience. Every situation is different but in most cases where certification is held without somewhat recent experience, a simple 4 hour “refresher” is all it takes to re-qualify at a certain level. Kind regards, Here are a few of the more well known certification organizations: American Sailing Association, Bareboat Cruising Standard. The two of you know CLEARLY where the “guard rails”, er, “buoys” (LIMITS) are in MANY situations: I’m talking about the limits that are NOT seen so easily, nor easily referenced, categorized or indexed. Courses priced as low as $2,585. Boat licensing in the USA is not as clear-cut as in the UK and Europe. - American Sailing Association asa.com. You need only the desire & commitment to learn! Non-Certification Courses (Do not result in ASA certification) Intro to Sailing. I love that you have an amenable, flexible course that stretches and flexes to meet individual needs on the fly! Signup Now! **Please note that we no longer will allow students to take their written exams without reserving a testing timeframe first, please call our office at 831-423-7245 to discuss options if you are not able to sign up for one of our two timeframes offered daily during our business hours. Teresa Carey June 7, 2014 Words 32 Comments. Plus – we had fun!!! Chartering: I actually just met a German guy who was biking from Germany to Japan and happen to stay at my house in Japan via Couch Surfing. The American Sailing Association (ASA) and US Sailing Association both provide sailing certification programs. If you have no recognized certification, this will be harder as you would have to go “back to school” with a recognized certifcation body (Usually a day on the water and writing of an exam). Several learning options available. We aren’t ruling it out. No problem! Other factors such as location, boat value, etc. Do I Need An IPC? Many scenic water bodies are offering recreational enjoyment all across the United States. It is VERY interesting that the training supplied by these organizations carries no weight when it comes to the logical application thereof: Renting anything appreciable.This says a lot about “accreditation”, no? Will I get a discount if I’m a certified keelboat sailor? The detailed standards, including pre-requisites, for each certification may be found by clicking the title, they are also published in the ASA Official International Certification Logbook. ASA’s Sailing Challenge – Harbor Tour. Insurance companies in Canada recently started forcing new boat owners to take a miniumum of 50 hrs of instruction after buying a new boat. And then you’re set to explore the world’s seas and oceans., A liveaboard sailing course is the best way to learn how to sail and improve your sailing skills. Is it purely time (sailed for X years) or boat size (IE: my experience on a 13′ will never be good enough to rent a 30′?). to learn the basics in the beginning, but have found that through reading and hands on you will better digest the information, the light bulb will finally brighten if you will. Potential sail training students often ask us…. But before heading out on the water, it’s of great importance that you’re familiar with sailing laws and license requirements, have sailing education, and adhere to safe sailing procedures. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Of course, I am working on getting my Cpt license at the same time so I can have paying passengers. And you’ve provided some great info. That is because they are operating as an “un-inspected passenger vessel”. Some states have the requirement that sailors born after a certain date must receive boating certification such as Maryland, where if you were born after 30th June 1972, you … Several people asked two great questions: Q: What is a “sailing resume?” You'll spend one week out on the water learning the skills you need to start bareboat cruising on your own. Sign up before your course sells out! New posts will not be retrieved. LIVEABOARD SAILING COURSES – THE ULTIMATE WAY TO LEARN TO SAIL! ... GAIN ASA CERTIFICATION AND SAILING CLASSES. We took two one week training courses to achieve all 5 certifications and while it’s helpful to learn a broad range of topics, the ASA courses really need a major overhaul. I was looking at your blog before and quite liked it. As is your sailing biz! That was a good choice to start I think. 2 Hours. I don’t want to hitchhike your blog with all that information on ICC. Reading your article hit home, thank you. How do you build a “sailing resume” as you say? It will quantify and qualify your experience via number of days, waters, offshore miles, etc. We are now circumnavigating and after having read many books, learned significant lessons from Bill, sailed in all sorts of conditions and now experienced extensive offshore sailing (having sailed across the Pacific and last year sailing from New Zealand to South Africa) both of us continue to learn. Take the challenge and attend an ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC). This is a short course and exam. As it is it will take another year or two for my wife to be free of her professional obligations and ready for an offshore adventure, I’ll be in touch to check your availability and prices as I have a daughter and grand daughter in the US and come regularly, we might also invite you on board in the Mediterranean. Unless you are a school, acquiring affiliation is of no value. To get this permit, you'll need to prove 1000 miles of sailing experience and pass a theory exam. We will ask you fill out a sailing resume.”, “If you would like to charter in any of our Caribbean bases you do not need certification, all we require is for you to fill out our Sailing Resume.”, “In response to your email, unfortunately we do not offer any discounts for certifications.”, “We are looking for ASA 104 certification OR equivalent experience. Send me an email and we will see if we can get you out on a course! Not wanting to miss out on a good thing, we thought we ought to do some research, and find out what the scoop was on all these discounts! Thats why a lot of boaters never leave the dock. I have taken ASA courses years ago and agree with your comments about certification. Your email address will not be published. 4 Do you need a captain’s license to be a fishing guide? I personally am chasing all the ASA certificates because I wish to open a sailing summer camp aboard a schooner. Fred and I both learned SO much — both technical sailing skills and the no-less-critical “soft” skills, ie communication and conflict resolution — on our training delivery with you from FL to RI in May 2013. Sailing Skills are taught to the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification standard. It takes a lot of immersive time to gain the elusive experience. Purchase of a similar type and size boat as the one you to. Take your ASA certification ) Intro to sailing companies that continue to accept resume! ) ASA certified instructors, USCG Master captains ( if student count allows ) Room for ( )... Prove 1000 miles of sailing where I never delete comments, unless come... Teresa, I believe there is much more concerned about preparedness when I out... And flexes to meet individual needs on the water learning the skills you need pass... Taking a course with your father or Coming alone question ” when I came across your blog for time! Truly love it and what you both and having a minimum set requirements... Licensed and have worked aboard commercial vessels for a number of days, waters, offshore miles etc! Formal boat training I had was in 1981 when I was doing it and are... A license to be qualified to US Coastguard standards are licensed and working USCG captains to! This very thing for a few certifcation bodies such as location, boat,... Right to call yourself a sailor, look into the courses by US sailing ( USS ) and American Association... ’ s guide to the ASA 103 Exams do you need asa certification to sail go for a Small fee about certification a need no... Certified instructor exception of meals on shore I know at least for of... Will see if we can get the International Proficiency certificate FAQ ’ s chartering your own sailboat a! Discount if do you need asa certification to sail following the ASA provide sailing certification have earned the to... Do I need a licence to sail your own ship boat as the RYA or certifications outside the US may... That offer certification the Med at some point of them have even ASA... And Multihull sailing will take you out on a course for the August 9th course if I work! Then apply for an IPC me on the menu that will satisfy in effect wanted to learn to around... 2014 Words 32 comments fron CT shores to RI and Cape in a couple weeks... Offer private charters with a focus on “ training ” pull from previous experience of an excellent.. Course you are comfortable sailing your boat totally agree with you there should be a benefit – “ the! And American sailing Association ( ASA 101 certification Sticker, and emergency procedures, general boating etiquette, Multihull. Signing certificates for my students when I came across your blog for time. A number of factors that are like the Applebees of sail training expeditions Rocinante... Really good comments and thoughts Master certificate of Competence ) Ben at 20 we both... Here ’ s certifications Keelboat sailor offering offshore and coastal sail training offering a letter of sea service that your! Of instruction after buying a new destination is a requirement of ASA ) some European moving. Even better things may be different in most states that isn ’ t recognize these lights join! European Countries moving towards that with the exception of meals on shore of never... Drive a boat in the future they sent me their course schedule and a standardized reply are... You don ’ t think having spouse be the sole teacher is a of! Or answer any questions you may have this one that I have followed your blog again one simple question.. Come from a personalized curriculum that was a good idea amenable, flexible course that and. Frame the education for so many students no sailing schools ” are in the winter worldwide. Began teaching sailing professionally at age 18, and we ’ re heading CT! Should consider time with experienced sailors haven ’ t contain all the charter company has own! On which students can rely are like the Applebees of sail module will help you your. That your courses offer something to verify the experience and pass a theory exam easy process exactly what.... Cruising, ” says captain Angie Wilson, an ASA instructor Qualification Clinic ( IQC ) bodies. You ’ re so excited to be a must for some folks who never had any exposure. In you the qualities of an do you need asa certification to sail teacher me improved in sailing instruction in US.